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History of Westrac Ltd.
Westrac Ltd. was established in 1969 under the name Western Tractor Supply by a small group of investors from Spanish Lookout, Belize. First, the company started with different lines of engine oils and tractor parts, and then in 1985, more investors became involved and decided to expand the company into the automotive parts industry.

During this time, the company was operating in a 900sq feet building in Spanish Lookout. However, these innovative investors saw the need to increase productivity and therefore embarked into a better and more efficient operation for customer, workers and services.
Now, it has ventured into three locations across the country of Belize. Due to the undertaking into the automotive parts industry, the company noticed an increasing need for a name change for the company. So, in 2002, the name was officially changed from Western Tractor Supply to Westrac Ltd. Then, in 2003, the company incorporated Pro Parts in Belmopan and Belize Industrial Agencies in Belize City in 2005 into their company. At this moment, the company has over 33,900 sq. feet in store and warehouse facilities and a staff of over 50 employees and is still presently growing.
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